Monsters Go Away Spray/Sage Smudge Spray

Monsters Go Away Spray/Sage Smudge Spray

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Please be sure to read the full description for important information in regards to purchasing and important disclaimers.

Welcome to Rach’s Custom Goods!

This spray doubles as a Sage Smudge Spray for adults and a Monsters Go Away Spray for kids.

USE 1: Sage Smudge Spray

For Adults: if you have an area that is overcome with negative energies, this is the Spray for you. This spray made with Sea salt, EOs: Lavender, Cedarwood, and Sage Officinalis, plus small crystal quartz chips. Plus this spray is charged under the full moon and the crystal quartz Chips are also charged by the full moon before being placed in the bottle. If you have negative energies surrounding you, just buy some of this spray, and spritz it through the affected area of your house repeating “I cleanse this area of any and all negative energies.” Once completed, thank the Sage Smudge Spray in helping you to rid your house/office/room/etc. of all negative energies.

USE 2: Monsters Go Away! Spray

For Kids: For ages 2 and up. If you have a little one scared of monsters, buy this monster spray and tell them this spray makes the monsters go away. Under adult supervision have the child spray this spray wherever they think the monsters are and tell them as they are spraying to yell “Go Away Monsters!” The essential oils in this spray are listed above, all of which help sooth your child so they fall asleep more quickly. Do not spray this spray on your child. It is meant to be a room spray.

NOTE: When ordering, write in the Note to Seller Box or send a message to us, telling us which use number you will be using this product for, so we can put the correct label on it.

*Disclaimer: This products is for children 2 and up and should be used under direct adult supervision. Do not spray on child. This item is meant to be used as a room spray.

**Disclaimer: This product is an essential oil product and therefore hasn’t been tested by the FDA. Statements made herein should not replace orders from a medical professional. Results may vary.